Tips to help buyers warm to a winter sale

By David Meadowcroft

With the market turned upside down during Covid-19, we believe there will be an “early mover advantage” for those coming to market before the traditional Spring selling season. Restrictions around inspections and on site auctions have been eased, and buyers have returned to the market in strong numbers.

There generally aren’t as many homes on the market at this time of year, so it can be a good opportunity to make market conditions work for you if you are considering a move. Here are some tips for presenting your home to help potential buyers warm up to it.

Light it up

Light-filled homes are often more appealing to potential buyers, and this is especially true during winter. Dim, dark homes are going to remind them of the winter blues, and the lack of light might even make your house feel colder than it is. Present your house for photographs and inspections by maximising all sources of light.

Remove anything that obstructs any natural light. Make sure all blinds and curtains are wide open. If you have sheer curtains, pull these back too. If you have any furniture blocking any part of a window, move it to a different location.

Turn on all the lights, including main room lights and lamps. Make sure all your lightbulbs are at the maximum wattage their sockets can handle. You might also want to think about changing cool while lightbulbs to warm yellow ones. The names of the different bulb colours say it all!

If you still think the light could be improved, consider bringing in some extra lamps for the darker corners of your house.

Warm it up

You want potential buyers to walk in from the weather and instantly feel like your house is a refuge. If you have heating, don’t skimp on turning it on at least an hour before inspections, if not earlier. Make your home nice and toasty so that buyers feel the warmth straight away. If you have heat lamps in the bathroom, turn these on too.

If you don’t have heating, consider installing units in key spaces, like the lounge room and master bedroom. Alternatively, you could use oil heaters or small space heaters. These can work quite well if you give them enough time to warm your house. You’ll need quite a few though, depending on the size of your home to make sure you get all the areas you need. Ideally, you don’t want to leave any living areas cold, including the kitchen. Make sure they’re not a fire hazard or a danger to children though!

Prepare for the weather

In case it’s raining or windy on inspection days, do a few things to prepare. Make sure you have doormats, ideally new ones, so potential buyers don’t bring water and mud inside. Check for any sources of drafts and see what you can do to plug them. Snakes under the doors can do wonders.

Since you’re going to make your house warmer than outside, put a coat stand at the front door so buyers can inspect your home in comfort.

Taking these simple steps will help potential buyers warm to your home, and assist you in obtaining a premiuim result.

If you’d like an update on the value of your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9137 4040.

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